Demands for Better and Transparent Healthcare Services in India


Demands for better and transparent healthcare services in India

1. A hospital, whether it is government or private, must be entirely under CCTV surveillance and the recorded footage should be kept by the hospital management for a period of 100 days with utmost care so that the visuals cannot be misused for any unlawful purpose. In case of complaint of medical negligence/malpractice, the relevant electronic data should be handed over as a part of the medical record.

2. There should be monitors outside the ICU and in the patients’ waiting hall displaying the interior of the ICU. Web based access of this should be provided to the patients’ nearest relatives under due receipt with unique ID. 3. A photocopy of the indoor case file or bed head ticket should be provided along with the discharge/ death summary for any hospitalized patient. The time to time record of any hospitalized patient should be available online for monitoring by the patient’s family through a password protected account.

4. The full recording of all surgery must be handed over to the patient along with the discharge summary.

5. If any medical negligence or malpractice is lodged in any police station, the police must immediately seize the indoor case file or bed head ticket and forward the case to the Medical Council. The State Council must complete the preliminary enquiry within 10 days and if found there is negligence, the Council should immediately stop the practice of alleged practitioner till the final judgment is made by a competent authority.

6. No medical practitioner should ask any patient to have the medical examinations done in their preferred laboratory.

7. Medical practitioners should prescribe medicines with generic names.

8. A paper on medical ethics and doctor-patient communication should be incorporated in all medical courses.

9. Paramedical staff should acquire proper license for practicing in hospitals and laboratories based on education and skills from a recognized authority.

10. The state and union governments should develop a record-keeping mechanism on the cases pertaining to medical error and negligence.

Stop Medical Terrorism is a campaign for better and transparent healthcare services in India.

Dr. Anamika Ray Memorial Trust urges the public not to be swayed by divertive and misleading arguments and to support the movement. The Trust, a registered educational and charitable non-profit organization, is dedicated towards the upliftment of research and other development activities in the field of media, education, healthcare, ethnic community, open and distance learning, communication for development and other related areas of media and social sciences. The Trust aspires to uphold the diverse languages and literature of the South Asian region, along with promoting skills development among the students and young learners. It encourages and supports production of educational and informational films and documentaries. The Trust operates with the ideology of serving and developing the various ethnic groups or the marginalized communities of the South Asian region through numerous charitable work and assistance to the needy. The work conducted by the Trust extends to the field of environment, mental health, medical negligence/malpractice, gender issues, child care, labour welfare, youth affairs and culture, as well.

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