जब्रागिरिफोरनि मोनथाइ सान

जब्रागिरिफोरनि मोनथाइ सान
जुन 25, 2017
How to observe Patients' Rights Day on 25 June, 2017 Sunday
Dr. Anamika Ray Memorial Trust, in consultation with a panel of medical professionals of national and international repute, drafted the Patients’ Rights in 10 points and the responsibilities in another 10 points. The Rights and Responsibilities of the patients are here. It's a two page document. The Trust requests everyone to support the cause by downloading the document in their preferred language, printing it out and distributing it among patients in any hospital in India. The Trust believes that this initiative may save hundreds of lives and will be a great contribution for better and more transparent healthcare services in India. To let others know, the Trust also requests supporters to post a photo of the distribution of the document with ‪#‎prd2017‬ in any social media.

Kindly download the Patients' Rights Day on 25th June, 2017 leaflets in your own language: Assamese-Page-1 | Assamese-Page-2 | Bengali-Page-1 | Bengali-Page-2 | Bodo-Page-1 | Bodo-Page-2 | English-Page-1 | English-Page-2 | Hindi-Page-1 | Hindi-Page-2 | Malayalam-Page-1 | Malayalam-Page-2 | Marathi-Page-1 | Marathi-Page-2 | Tamil-Page-1 | Tamil-Page-2

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