Patients' Rights

We support Your Rights as a Patient!!!

1. You have the right to get the best possible medical care without discrimination based on race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, age and source of payment.
2. You have the right to prompt, life-saving treatment in an emergency without discrimination and without delay due to discussion regarding the source of payment.
3. You have the right to take part in all decisions relating to your health care and to be educated and counselled in appropriate circumstances about your healthcare needs.
4. You have the right to privacy except in certain situations, to know the role played by any observer and to have any observer unrelated to your care leave.
5. You have a right to know the identity and role of people involved in your care.
6. You have the right to dignity and to have caregivers respect you, your proper name, your cultural and personal values, beliefs and preferences, and your educational background.
7. You have the right to appropriate assessment and management of your pain.
8. You have the right to receive visitors you choose including a spouse, a domestic partner, another family member or a friend while staying at the medical center.
9. You have the right to refuse treatment and to leave the medical center against doctor’s advice unless you have certain infections or cannot maintain your and others’ safety.
10. You have the right to get necessary information about your medical situation, expected treatment costs, expected outcome, redressal process & your medical record within 72 hours.

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